Short Songs for Long Days

by Cape Nowhere

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released June 16, 2019

Andrew Graham: songwriter, acoustic/electric guitar, piano, vocals
Peter Tietjen: sound engineer
Adam Elkhadem: visual artist, graphic designer


all rights reserved



Cape Nowhere Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Dream of Locks
You're stuck in the mirror
Oh look at you

You're frozen with fear
What can you do

The building is alive
It knows this song's for it

I'm standing outside
With so many keys
But none of them fit
Track Name: Going to the Moon
I'm going to the moon
Sleeping in the total darkness
Wondering was it all so bad
Living in the light
With perfect information
But I can't seem to move
Until I know what's real to me
Tomorrow it might not be
There's canyons under black seas
But that's okay
No one stays around long anyway
We're tourists in our own lives
Sleeping in the total darkness
Sleeping in the total darkness
Track Name: More Than One
When was the last time
Someone sang just for you
Alone in your room
I'll tell you mine
If you'll listen
The breeze kicked in
With a quiet voice
Like yours
And when I turned around
There were leaves blowing in
And I counted them
Every one was different
Like I've never seen before
I touched them with my fingertips
They crumpled
On the floor
I swept them up
And threw them out
The front door
And I thought
This beginning
Is like the end
In many ways
More than one
Track Name: Ode to Nothing
I am nothing
But it's okay to be nothing
I saw you looking
We both turned away when we made eye contact
But we are nothing
We don't have to be afraid of nothing

Standing by a stagnant river bed
Alone, it's all dried up
And dying
And there's no life anywhere
No life anywhere
Track Name: And the Light Came In
What I wouldn't give
For one more day with you
A lifetime of playing it safe

Your voice was on the wind today
Telling me to go back home
Get out while you can

These things take my time
We're dancing near the void
Your tiny wooden frown
You wear it like a crown
For someday soon

On your grave we planted flowers
I picked one up and put it in my pocket
And when I got back home
I put it in some water
And the light came in
Track Name: For Laika
When you go barking at stars
In that terrible lonesome place
I want you to know
That it's never too late to be
Okay about what's going on

And right when you left
I was sure
That you wouldn't be coming back
Ever again
I don't believe in the promises made
By old men

And every day you grew
You didn't notice it
But oh my god it's true

And it's deeper
Out there in space
Oh, but it's never too late to be

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